Episodio 63: Yana Gevorgyan | Web Design & Accessibility

3 reasons why you should listen to this episode!

  1. Learn what is web accessibility.
  2. Understand the importance of design in order to make web design accessible.
  3. Listen to how you can start to design more accessible and how to implement some principles into your day to day design work.

Conoce a Yana Gevorgyan

Yana Gevorgyan is an award-winning 21-year-old creative with a multi-disciplinary background in product design and full-stack web development. In her relentless pursuit of innovation in the design sector, Yana’s practice delves deep into a number of tangential subjects, from machine learning to data visualization. Her creative methodology revolves around design acceleration through plugins, hotkeys and, most importantly, workflow mindfulness. With a drive to bring her insights to life with code, she develops tools that help other designers design more efficiently and inclusively. Yana is the creator of the leading accessibility plugin for Sketch, Cluse, which makes designing for inclusivity simpler than ever.

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