Episodio 54: Naomy Quiñones | What is Fashion?

3 razones por las cuales debes darle play al episodio

  1. Conoce los principios básicos para crecer como profesional creativo.
  2. Aprende técnicas para trabajar en conjunto a fotógrafos.
  3. Escucha las definiciones y percepciones de lo que es moda.
Foto de Perfil de Naomy Quiñones

Conoce a Naomy Quiñones

Naomy Quiñones is an Art Director and Creative Consultant for North American and European markets. With over a decade of experience in content production and communications management, her approach mixes artistic sensibility with data-driven insights. Besides her work as a creative, she pursues scholarly work on the field of fashion theory and semiotics.

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