Episodio 46: Robin Noguier | Around the world with designers

3 reasons why you should listen this episode!

  1. Learn how design can be a universal language
  2. Know about the Esperanto Project
  3. Understand why there is so important digital presence in the design industry.

Meet Robin Noguier

Robin Noguier is a freelance interactive designer from France working on apps, marketing websites, and digital experiences. In the past, he traveled the world for a year to find talents for the Esperanto project, worked at Ueno in San Francisco, and at Ultranoir in Paris. Prior to that, Robin was working as the lead product designer in a London Based startup called Rentez-vous. He’s been fortunate enough to work for clients like Chanel, Google, Facebook, Uber, Mercedes-Benz, and Redbull amongst others.

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