Episodio 45: Benjamin Sweedler | Unicorn Designer = UI Developer

3 razones por las cuales debes darle play al episodio

  1. Identifica las zonas grises existentes entre el diseño y la programación.
  2. Compara y contrasta lo que es el diseño y lo que es la programación.
  3. Conoce las diversas profesiones que juntan el diseño y la programación.

Conoce a Benjaminn Sweedler 

Benjamin is a front-end developer from the Silicon Prairie. He recognizes that it takes great communication skills to build great software, so our participant always tries to improve communication skills alongside his technical abilities. He builds web applications and gets great joy out of seeing other people use what he has helped build. He likes bringing together people and technologies. For him, DevOps is cultural just as much as technical. He focuses on user interfaces, but he is also interested in dev-ops, networking, and software development processes. 

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