Episodio 39: Xiomara Figueroa & Lincy Ayala | Women in Tech, Diversity and Inclusion

3 razones por las cuales debes darle play al episodio

  1. Escucha la diversidad de mujeres que nos inspiran en diversas industrias
  2. Identifica qué pueden aportar las mujeres al mundo tech 
  3. Aprende cómo otras mujeres han crecido en la industria de la tecnología.

Conoce a Lincy Ayala & Xiomara Figueroa

Lincy Ayala is Co-Founder and CEO of BookSloth is a web developer with a passion for design. Over the last years, she’s worked with several companies and organizations as a freelance developer and designer. Her work has included designing responsive and interactive designing website layouts, mobile apps, user experiences, and physical products, among many others. Her technical experience includes knowledge in UX/UI Design, Web and Mobile Design, prototyping tools and project managing software. When she’s not busy working, you’ll find her cuddled up reading a good book.

Xiomara Figueroa is Co-Founder and Mobile Engineer of BookSloth. She considers herself deeply committed to diversity in tech and education. That led her to co-found Include Girls, a student-led non-profit organization for women in STEM fields. She attributed her community-driven attitude to her fellowship with CODE2040, a non-profit organization that supports Black and Latinxs in tech. Since then she has focused her work on building with technology and giving back to the community by serving as a mentor and role model.

En nuestra conversación con Lincy & Xiomara

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