Episodio 100: Paul Seymour | Prototyping your Designs

3 razones por las cuales debes darle play al episodio

  1. Learn how to prototype based on your type of project
  2. Listen to what kind of tools are the best currently for digital prototyping 
  3. Discover the importance of prototyping in an industry that moves so rapidly that you need to sell your designs first to the stakeholders in order to present them to the users.

Meet Paul Seymour

Paul has been a professional designer since the first dot-com boom. Seymour has a freelance business called LitmusBox that started in 2008 as a web and mobile development agency. 

He worked with a range of organizations, both as a hands-on designer as well as a manager, solving user problems for a wide variety of use cases. In that time, He has overseen virtually every part of the product design process, from design sprints to usability testing, enabling him to speak fluently to designers, developers, PMs, and top-level stakeholders. Currently, he is a Lead UX Designer at ServiceNow.

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