Femme Design

By Ivonne Mercado from Tampa Florida for Command Z Podcast

In every young designer’s life there’s always a universal struggle in the beginning. Finding your own style. I feel confident in saying it has taken me almost my whole career, to date, to find and feel comfortable in my own style. It never helps that when you’re designing, the majority of the times, it’s for someone else. It’s important in our discovery process that we always admire other styles, and experiment until we feel at home with what we create.

When I design, I design to solve a problem. I ask the important questions: why, how and what. Same process can be applied to finding your style. Why do you like a certain style? How can you start experimenting and applying? What is it useful for? For this specific topic, we talk feminine design.

This style of design is mostly used on luxury brands. This is my domain and personal style. To master or incorporate a design style you have to study the patterns. What are certain characteristics that are common, and how can you play with them. 

In this style, less is usually more. That was the biggest concept that was hard for me to grasp. It’s not so simple that it’s just minimalistic, you can absolutely incorporate more complex elements into the design, it just has to be meaningful and strategic. You can break it down into simple steps to keep in mind with this style.

Your brand doesn’t have to scream – We’re so used to plastering the logo everywhere, when building collateral. With a more feminine/luxury style, the logo and design elements don’t have to be prominent. Keep it simple. Leave consumers wanting more.

Stick with 2 font styles or less – You don’t want to overwork the eyes. You want to guide the person through the design, peacefully. 

Stick with hierarchy – Make sure you play with layers and colors in order to achieve a feminine design. Play with same color families with different tones to create depth in your design. Soft colors mixed with strong colors, when strategically will allow you to bring forth a soft design.

Don’t be afraid to add your own touch – At the end of the day don’t be afraid to experiment, ask for critic and adjust as you grow your design.

Design should always have an element of freedom and carelessness – don’t stray too far from that. A true design journey, in my opinion, involves trials and errors. Make sure you always stay open minded, ready for constructive feedback, and self-aware on your own design. Learn to filter other’s opinion, but always maintain the ability to look at your design with the same eyes someone who doesn’t know the meaning behind it has. At the end of the day, the reality of the design lies somewhere in the middle of all of that. Our job is to be able to see it, communicate it and problem solve it. That to me, is the beauty of design. The femme comes after.


I’m originally from Puerto Rico but moved to Tampa almost 2 years ago with my soon-to-be Husband and two puppers. I’m a Senior Graphic Designer and content creator – been at this for 7 years now! I absolutely love finding local stores, binging on coffee and just enjoying life. I created Funky Lemon to be able to transition my career into fashion and decor marketing.


I launched Funky Lemon as a space for me to be able to share my  style finds, experiences, travels and more in order to help others achieve the same with attainable lifestyle. All my life I’ve loved helping anyone with style questions – mom, friends, strangers…you get it. My goals is for this platform to be a space where people can reach out and build a community where we can all share and enjoy the space!

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